1. Does it cost anything? NO. Other than than buying your own drinks and food at the bars/restaurants the pub run is free.

2. When did Pub Run get started? June of 2008.

3. Why is Pub Run so awesome? Because runners love to drink and drinkers run stupid.

4. If I own or manage a bar how can I get on the route? Well, it depends on your location and size. Our number one goal is to provide a fun, safe atmosphere for the runners so the addition of another bar is dependent on that.

5. Who started it? A group of local runners that include Kelli Newlon, Edgardo Gonzalez, Stephen, Nathan, and ABC Primetime correspondent John Quinones.

6. How did John Quinones get involved? He isn’t. We lied about that.

That’s John Quinones at Pub Run

7. Why are there themes? Because we got bored.

8. Do I have to drink? No.

9. Do I have to be a runner? No. But you should try it. It’ll save your life. It saved John Quinones life.

10. Do the bars have beer or drink specials? No. We don’t want people binge drinking. We want you to have fun but not sick.

11. What do you consider obnoxious behavior? Basically, if you’re under 25 yrs of age and you get drunk, you’re obnoxious.

12. Should I bring my kids? Yes. We’ll have CPS waiting to pick them up.

13. Why does the route change sometimes? That’s none of your business.

14. What if I have more questions? Keep them to yourself and suppress them. Don’t ever speak of them again.